Looking For Answers

April 18th, 2013

Well I’m looking for answers/Looking for answers that nobody knows …” – Susan Tedeschi, Looking for Answers.


Critics play a really important role in our industry. They taste through countless bottles of wine and, according to their lights, sort out the good stuff from the okay stuff from the sucky stuff. 

Right this instant millions of Americans are browsing the endless wine aisles across this great land. They are looking for answers to important questions about wine, and they are utterly confused. They want to know what red wine will pair well with Sushi. They want to know what temperature to serve their Cabernet. They want a great wine that is ready to drink tonight. They want a $12 wine that will impress their boss. And so forth.  

This is where the critic steps in. The critic will give a certain wine that they loved 93 Points and another wine which they felt was less good (hopefully not the same wine in a different bottle) 86 Points. The Points tell you whether the wine is really good or not. This evening, as millions of Americans struggle to make sense of the cacophonous, endless wine aisles, the critics will help them to make up their minds. This is a good thing. 

Sometimes, though, I feel like the critics have a little too much power.  Here’s why:  sometimes our wines get really good scores. Sometimes wines that I personally love get sorta lousy scores.  To be candid, I am never quite sure why a wine got a certain score. We are always grateful for the positive reviews that we receive. But I can honestly report that I have never lost a night’s sleep over a poor review!

What I can tell you is that my team puts the same care, passion, attention to detail and commitment to excellence into every wine that we produce. There is a family farmer, and a gifted winemaker, and a team of dedicated vineyard managers, and an awesome cellar team behind every wine that we make, everywhere in the world.

This is one of the most important reasons why we try to partner with medium size distributors, independent retailers and neighborhood restaurants. These are the people who can take the time to learn about what makes our wines so special, and who can then convey the story to the consumer in a way that can really help them to make the best choice for tonight’s dinner or this weekend’s party. We do not believe that our wines are always the best wines for any occasion. We do believe that a critic can only tell you so much about what makes a Nexus wine so special.