Mercatto Barolo ‘Manzone’ 2007

August 20th, 2013

Mercatto is the result of a long collaboration among three great Italian wineries: La Vis in Trentino, Fratelli Manzone in Monforte d’Alba and Voghera in Neive. With the guidance of Phil Laramore, a passionate American wine merchant, three great producers have come  together to create a single platform for the mutual benefit of their families as well as the international wine consuming public.

Each winery is indicated on the back label of the wine, and in the case of Manzone and Voghera, the wineries have also utilized their traditional cork and bottle, including their family name and crest.  Of the Piedmonte producers involved in the Mercatto project, Fratelli Manzone is perhaps the more modernist of the two.  The brothers allow their grapes to hang on the vine longer than nearly any other producer in the zone, insisting that every berry must achieve full physiological ripeness before picking.Manzone employs hold cluster fermentation for their Barolo.  Therefore the vineyards are immaculately pruned in order to assure that not only the berries, but also the stems, achieve maximum ripeness.

The regimen includes careful leaf pulling by hand to fully expose the stems of each cluster.The barrel program here is sophisticated as well, judicially utilizing both traditional botti as well as small amounts of extremely high quality barrique.  All wood in the winery is in the current fashion of Slavonian oak.

The steeply terraced Manzone vineyard, high in Monforte d’Alba, is situated at approximately 1,500 feet. The southeasterly facing slopes are typically covered in mist until at least 10:30 nearly every morning during growing season. The mist, steep slopes and relatively high altitude all contribute to the aromatic richness, textural complexity and powerfully expansive finish of the 2007 Barolo.