Nexus Philosopher

April 5th, 2013

When I learned that 70 percent of all the wine shipped out of California was produced by just five gigantic, globalized companies, it opened my eyes to how little I really knew about today’s wine business. So I started to dig around. What I discovered troubled me, and I knew that we had to do something about it. That is when I, along with a few good friends, created Nexus Wines.

We create brand platforms around which family farmers and artisan winemakers can collaborate to bring honest and delicious wines to market. We have taken as our model the incomparable Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. Chez Panisse has showed the way over 40 years by providing a platform for small, dedicated growers throughout California to feature their wonderful produce, prepared by the most skilled kitchen staff in the industry. Along the way, this remarkable restaurant has helped untold growers and kitchen staff to develop long term careers doing what they love. At the same time Chez Panisse has become legendary among foodies in California and the world over, providing decades of incredible food.

At Nexus we strive to create brand platforms that allow small farmers to come together with talented wine makers to create great wines to the market at reasonable prices. We provide the marketing, and then work with small wine distributors throughout the country to bring these wines to consumers.

By and large one will not find Nexus wines in major retail chains or national restaurant groups. Instead, look for our wines at your local independent retailer or your neighborhood restaurant.

Our wines are delicious, honest and pure. They are produced in very limited quantities. There is a small, family farm behind every wine that we bring to market, produced in careful collaboration with an artisan winemaker.

We hope that you love our wines when you try them and that you come back again and again to share them with your family and friends. For us, they are a labor of love.