Meet the Winemakers

Matias Mayol

Zamba Malbec

Ever since I was a child, wine was part of our meals. My grandfather, Pedro Juan Mayol, Spanish immigrant, dedicated his whole life to the production of grapes. This was the family’s main income. My father, Pedro Mayol, worked at his side from his young years. They both taught me the value that a vineyard has, the wisdom of labour and the love for the Earth.

Our Family tradition made my father and I search for the best terroir to grow quality grapes. In 1989 we acquired our first Finca -Sebastian- in Tupungato, Uco Valley, and in 1998 two other Fincas in Lujan de Cuyo -Montuiri- and in Vista Flores -Pircas-, Uco Valley. We thus became important grape producers; “purveyors” of the most important wineries in Mendoza.

To better understand wine and before starting with my personal project, in the year 1999 I decided to take my first steps into the wine business. Between 1999 and 2004 I worked for a wine importer in New York, and in different wineries in Italy, California, Oregon and Mendoza.

With the wholehearted support from my parents, Pedro and Liliana, I dedicated all my efforts to produce my own wines. At last in 2003 the dream of my own winery came true. Today it is a way of life for me and my family. Hoping that my children will continue this lifelong effort.

Andrew Murray


Andrew Murray fell in love with the emerging Rhône varieties, Syrah and Viognier, in the late 1980’s while traveling through France’s Rhône Valley. Leaving his UC Berkeley paleontology and English literature studies behind, he pursued his new mistress, Syrah, with an internship in Australia. His three-month tryst evolved into a 11-month romance with the famed Australian Shiraz. Returning to the states, he earned a bachelor’s degree in viticulture and enology from UC Davis’ renowned wine program, and concurrently founded his eponymous Santa Ynez Valley winery and vineyard.

He sought out growers who shared his passion for excellence and who dared to farm their vines to perilously low yields with the most advanced viticultural methods in the industry. This uncompromising winemaker’s lucid philosophy is summarized succinctly in three words: Passion – Wisdom – Courage; the Passion of an unflagging love affair with Rhone varieties; the Wisdom gained with 20 years of winemaking; and the Courage to seek even the most subtle nuance out of each vintage.

Andrew’s focus and dedication to his craft have culminated in what Robert Parker, Jr. calls, “…one of the shining stars in the Santa Barbara firmament.” This perennially youthful perfectionist has been named ‘Tastemaker of the Year’ by Food and Wine Magazine, as well as, ‘One of the most fearsome talents in food and wine.’ Still, despite myriad accolades, Andrew remains the same modest, approachable, contemplative man he was when he first embarked to Australia back in 1992. He is eternally committed to vinicultural ‘Kaizen’ – the unrelenting pursuit of continuous improvement.

As Robert Parker, Jr. put it, “…Andrew Murray’s offerings are a breath of fresh air given their exceptionally high quality and realistic prices – reader take note.” We hope you’ll come visit us and delight in sampling the fruits of Andrew’s passionate labors.

Cesare Salvadori


Cesare Salvadori’s ancestors established the estate in Vinci, near Florence, many generations ago. Today Cesare and his family farm the vineyards with a great passion for the traditional Chianti Riserva of the region. Now the estate is directed by Bruno Salvadori who controls the production, his wife Giuliana who cares for the administrative matters, his son Francesco, who graduated in enology at the Florence University and his son, Silvia.
The vines are planted on hillsides overlooking the town of Vinci. This area is famous worldwide for its beauties, nature, art, culture and great wine. The farm is modern but still very connected to tradition. The challenging soil and steep hillsides of the area force Sangiovese vines to work quite hard to produce a naturally small yield of incredibly high quality. The soil is perfect for the production of complex wines, with tasty, salty, fresh and armonic flavour.

Marco Manzone


In the south of Piedmont, where the horizon meets with the curves of the hills, there’s a beautiful village called Monforte d’Alba.

Here in 1843, Manzone Francesco (Fraschin, in old dialect way) created the “Azienda Agricola Manzone Fratelli” Farm.

Since that time, more than 150 years later, five generations have been dedicating time, passion and patience to the production of prestigious wines which are able to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes.

Obviously the “Azienda” is still run by the fourth generation descendant Elio and Giuseppe Manzone who hand down their knowledge to the new generation represented by Marco and Alberto Manzone. Actually, all together they collaborate with highly skilled wine tasters and experts. They own 5 hectares of land where it grows grapes, producing the typical vintage wines from the Langhe, recognized today throughout the world for their quality. The Manzone brother’s most important thing is following with the competence and dedication of all the cultivation and vinification steps, in observance of old tradition, to obtain from these generous lands wines unique for their genuineness, taste and aroma.

The wines are produced by four grapes: Freisa, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo.

The first three give birth to Langhe Freisa, Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba respectively. The last, Nebbiolo, generates two wine types. Barolo when it’s kept three years in the big Slavony oaks and then one year in the bottles or Langhe Nebbiolo if it’s left only ten months in the big oaks.

Dear Readers,
We hope you could be able to accept our invitation and to come visit out farm, taste our wine and hopefully enjoy the view over Langhe. Sincerely, Marco Manzone