‘And they say McDonalds isn’t a restaurant well I guess I’m wrong,
‘But if you gon’ tell me that A&W ain’t the spot for the best hot dogs,
‘You can get the “F” on dawg.’ – T.I. and Eminem “That’s all She Wrote
Thursday, May 30, 2013, 2:23 am

Like most wine professionals, we turn to Eminem when we need deep insight into the issues that keep us up at night. And not for the first time, the Sage of Eight Mile came through with the answer. When you find the spot for the best hot dogs, you need to defend that insight at all costs, dawg, because there just is no improving on the best.

And this is the great insight of Chessman Wines. Andrew Murray believes sincerely that great wine starts at the foot of the vine, in the vineyard, and that it is the winemaker’s job mostly to stay out of the way.

Just as the Chess master carefully arranges her pieces on a chess board to maximize the potential of her board posture, so Andrew carefully matches the correct grape, clone, trellising system, etc. to the vineyard and climatic conditions in order to maximize quality.




This smooth wine opens with a nose of rich dark fruit, leather and spice. With refined tannin structure and layers of complexity, the incredible aromatics and smooth mouthfeel make this a Cabernet you need to experience.


Medium pale straw in color, very bright. The nose is primarily citrus, pear and vanilla oak. A pleasant burst of tropical fruit on the palate, pineapple, pear, citrus, melon. Juicy and lush, mouthfilling.


A medium bodied pinot noir with a wide array of flavors. The Chessman Pinot Noir shows a beautiful dark ruby color as well as fat,  luscious, vanilla and red cherry aromas. This wine is round and plush, with lovely fruit, and bright acidity to freshen up the long finish.