Mercatto is a loose translation of Merchant in Italian. We have searched the hills of Piedmont to seek out truly remarkable wines from family estates to bring to the US market. We are acting as ancient merchants to deliver these extraordinary wines to the restaurants and retailers in the United States. We worked closely with these family estates to finish elevating the wines in their cellars in order to offer wines that are true to the Piedmont roots and filled with flavor, ready to drink today. Come and discover the Mercatto family wines.




Manzone employs hold cluster fermentation for their Barolo. Therefore the vineyards are immaculately pruned in order to assure that not only the berries, but also the stems, achieve maximum ripeness. The regimen includes careful leaf pulling by hand to fully expose the stems of each cluster. The barrel program here is sophisticated as well, judicially utilizing both traditional botti as well as small amounts of extremely high quality barrique. All wood in the winery is in the current fashion of Slavonian oak.The wine has notes of blackberry, blueberry, walnut, and chocolate. Mercatto Barolo goes well with braised beef, roast, truffle dishes, and seasoned cheese.